At Unique Solution, we realise the Electronic, Electrical, Hydraulic, Mechanical and Pneumatic requirement for Marine, Military and Industries. We pay attention to our customers and value their necessities.

Our core competencies are:-


Installation and Commissioning.

Refurbishment / overhauling.


Defect rectification and repairs.

On site fabrication.

Supply of manpower.

Supply of spares.

Unique solution is proficient of executing all the above activities at patron site like defence establishment, port trust, shipyard etc. We are capable to deliver exceptional results with 0% failure policy under towering work pressure / within stringent time line / challenging situations.

We also accomplish sub contracted work committed by bigger firms, execute as per their plan, and update both the parties on intervallic basis. Our team is well qualified on safety facet and we always follow the oath “Safety first”.

Under the motto “from bridge to propeller” we provide full integration of all electric and electronics systems.

Our Products & Services

Electrical & Automation Control Systems

Our product scope includes electric propulsion and drives, power generation and distribution systems, navigation, automation and communication systems, dynamic positioning, safety and security solutions, entertainment systems, as well as sonar and sensor technology for vessels of all types and sizes. Our state-of-the-art products and solutions are efficient, reliable and cost effective, and are supported by 24/7 customer service around the world.

Under the motto “from bridge to propeller” we provide full integration of all electric and electronics systems, typically in close partnership with the shipyard. The level of system integration varies from a package delivery of products, with related engineering included, to complete system integration (the turnkey solution). resulted in a Human Machine Interface (HMI) which is intuitive, transparent, and completely consistent across the full range of products.

Power Distribution

Unique Solution provides both low voltage and medium voltage switchboards that meet the most stringent requirements. Due to the growing demand for more available power, medium voltage – instead of low voltage distribution systems – are provided in the 6.6 kV or 11.0 kV range.

For the protection and control of power supply systems, Unique Solution integrates its own developed protection system. The micro-processor based protection system covers all necessary protection functions for low and medium voltage power supply systems, as well as for the generators and power consumers. If required, a power management function for controlling the power supply system is also available. The protection system can be operated as a stand-alone solution, or in combination with other systems via data bus. Interfaces to automation systems and other control systems can be provided.

Operation, control and monitoring of all important generator data, status indication of circuit breakers and alarms

Integrated power management functions
Simple parameter setting onsite (password protected)
Online visualisation of plc-process functions
Generator/ships main supply protection and control functions
Interfaces to external monitoring and control systems
Integrated plc for free programmable functions and controls